WMD-06 Motorized Swing Gate

Indoor Swing Gate with 650 mm or 900 mm Swing Panel of Tempered Glass

  • WMD-06 Motorized Swing Gate
  • 2 different Swing Panel Widths
  • Barrier-free Accessibility
  • Stainless Steel Gate Post
  • Tempered 10 mm Glass Swing Panel
  • Optional: RFID HF Reader


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IP41 Protection class



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The WMD-06 Swing Gate offers an elegant and exclusive design with its stainless steel gate post and glass swing panel.
This high-class swing gate is designed exclusively for indoor use.

WMD-06 Swing Gate is available in 2 different passageway widths with Swing Panels of 10 mm tempered Glass verfügbar.

Thanks to the wired remote control included in the standard scope of delivery,
the WMD-06 can also be conveniently controlled from your reception.

The applications areas of this high-class swing gate are various:

Wellness Resorts
VIP Areas in
Swimming Pools
business-centres Office or Bank
shopping-centers Shopping Centres

3 Years Warranty from the date of sale

Elegance combines with Robustness and Long Life Cycle

The WMD-06 Swing Gate with Glas Swing Panel for the Indoor Areas is a sophisticated model, which offers an elegant solution for entrance areas of banks, administrative buildings, business centres and other objects with the highest demands on design and comfort.

The gate post is made of durable and long-lasting stainless steel and the robust swing panel is made of 10 mm tempered glass and are well protected against dirt and water thanks to the IP41 protection class. It easily withstands operating temperature environments from +1 °C up to +50 °C.

The WMD-06 swing gate is available in two different swing panel widths: 650 mm or 900 mm with an extended passageway.

Our Swing Panel is motorized and can also be opened manually by hand when disconnected from the power source.

The extended version provides convenient and comfortable access for wheelchair users and people with bulky goods.
We recommend leaving an additional distance of 50 cm when installing the swing gate near a wall.

Optimal Performance for your User Density

The swing gate has a passageway frequency of up to 12 persons per minute. It is also bi-directionally passable.
In total, it has a total output of 500,000 passageways and a service life of 8 years.

Optional Card Reader for reliable Identification

The swing gate can optionally be equipped with an EMM/HID or MIFARE® card reader.
The integrated access controller has a fixed memory for up to 50,000 card holders and 135,000 events.

Perfectly equipped for Emergency Situations

In Notsituationen nach Empfang eines Signals von einem ACS oder einer Notruftaste wird das
Swing Panel in eine vorgegebene Richtung geöffnet, bei Stromausfall werden die Schwenkflügel entriegelt.

If the swing gate receives an emergency signal, it switches off automatically and
allows a quick passage by slightly pushing the Swing Panel backwards.

Packaging Content

  • WMD-06 Swing Gate
  • 650 mm or 900 mm Swing Panel
  • Remote Panel
  • PERCo-SL01 free single-user software
  Technical Data
Operating Voltage 24 VDC
Power Consumption 105 W
Consumption Current 4.4 A
Card Reader (optional) 1
Reading Range min. 6 cm
Number of Cards 50.000
  Performance Characteristics
Number of Passageway Widths 2

Throughput Rate in the
single passage mode

12 Persons / minute

Mean Lifetime 8 Years
Mean Time to Failure 500 000 Passages
Warranty Time 3 Years from the date of sale
  Physical Characteristics

(Length × Width × Height)
AGG-650: 650 mm Passageway
AGG-900: 900 mm Passageway

(Length × Width × Height)
795 × 147 × 1.012 mm
1.045 × 147 × 1.012 mm

Passageway Width

AGG-650: Standard Passageway
AGG-900: Extended Passageway

We assume an additional space of 50 cm
between glass swing panel and wall.
650 mm
900 mm
Operating Temperature +1 °C to +50 °C
IP Protection Class IP41
electorstatic Electric Shock Protection Class III (IEC 61140)
Gate Post

Swing Panel

Stainless Steel  stainless steel

10 mm Tempered Glass

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